Powerful Ladies!

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Do you like a strong woman? Have you been fantasizing about taking a tumble with a woman a lot stronger than you are? Then perhaps an escort that is into body building is the right one for you. I don’t hear from many guys that are into women of extreme strength, but once in a while there are ones out there who have the desire to be overpowered by women, and I mean REALLY overpowered!

There are escorts out there for men of every taste, but some do love the idea of a woman pinning them down and being under their total control. Just today I saw a video online of a woman that was splitting watermelons, yes watermelons, with her thighs. I was thinking of strong woman after seeing that. The comments from men were ones of awe and a few of fear, thinking of themselves being in between those powerful thighs!

Not all men want women they can sweep off their feet, some men want to be the ones being swept up! A strong lady that’s an escort can certainly fulfill such power shift fantasies and desires you have. There are all kinds of lady escorts out there, tiny ones and ones that can make toast out of you. I have spoken to a few men that liked to actually be beaten up by women, as in really beaten and bruised to a pulp, they sure can’t ask their girlfriends or wives to make mincemeat out of them, so some hire powerful escorts to do the deed. One was so into gals beating him up, he concocted the tale to his wife afterwards that he was actually in a motorcycle accident since he was so roughed up! Hey, it takes all kinds. Look for a powerful lady escort for yourself today!

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