Lactating Escorts

By Sharon189 Comments

Many guys have a thing for bit tits, no surprise there, but
there are some men out there who like a certain fetish.
Breastmilk fetish to be exact. They aren’t all into the mommy
thing, they just have a big thing for breasts, milk filled ones
to be exact.

Not that many escorts are lactating ones, but if you look well
enough, you may very well find that lactating escort of your
milky dreams. Imagine always having wanted to try nursing from
your lover at the same time.

Not that many guys have been with lactating women unless they
have had a wife or a girlfriend that had a child, and in those
cases, they are most likely too wrapped up in the baby to bother
seeing to their men’s romantic and sexual needs. A lactating
escort can satisfy those needs and desires to nurse and to

There are as many different kinds of escorts out there as their
are clients. As fetishes go, this is a pretty mild one, yet not
many women are lactating at any given time, so available
lactating women, escorts in particular are in fairly short
supply, so they command a higher fee than just your everyday,
run of the mill escort can, since they are providing more than
run of the mill service.

I have personally been surprised how many men are into this
fetish. I have brought it up and once I do, they will let me
know, yes, they do have an interest in breastmilk, but not many
are forthcoming about it. An escort that can bring this to the
table is more valuable to ones than one that cannot since it
isn’t a common thing. So ask yourself, is a lactating escort
something you’d like to try? Blog

189 Comments to “Lactating Escorts”

  1. Imasport says:

    Any lactating honeys in the LBC? Lookin to hook up for some fun give a shout out to make it happen.

  2. Sly says:

    Hi, I am looking for any lactating women in the south Florida region. Please contact me at

  3. David says:

    My name is David and I’m looking for someone in Arizona. I’m currently living in apache junction but I’m willing to travel.

  4. Rudy says:

    Lactating woman needed in Los Angeles CA. Area. Send this details to contact you.

  5. R.CA says:

    Anyone available in Los Angeles CA. area. Looking for that special girl or lady who’s willing share her most precious nectar of life and bonding experience with me. I am open to any situation, interest or condition. I’m very discrete, respectful and compressive person. Write me a line or two how to get in contact with you.

  6. cameron says:

    Hi, im looking for a ladie who can lactating please im from north Fl,

    1. I am HEAVILY LACTATING. Hot and sexy brunette with thick nipples.

      1. Sunny says:

        How can i get in touch with u

  7. Sunny says:

    Im 45 years

    I’d love to find a lactating lady here in north jersey
    Willing to pay so please email me

    1. Sunny says:

      If any one know lactating girl pls let me know

  8. Globetraveler123 says:

    Hello, 32 year old looking for a nice lactating woman in San Fran, Atlanta or New York to have a fun time. Please contact me if interested:

  9. Larry says:

    Lactation or inducement: I would like to have a woman who I can nurse on everyday,any part of the day, or help her lactate by nursing on her several times whenever she wants. Houston,Texas. E-mail me and i’ll give you my phone #. I’m 49,tan (from running) cute and funny. I can’t send you a picture because I don’t know how.I’m not very computer savy. Please write soon.

  10. Barrett says:

    I’m beginning to think it’s impossible to find a female in the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area that would let me breastfeed.
    I would love to have this dream come true. If anyone knows of someone in Southeast Florida who is lactating and is willing to share their milk, please email me.


    1. Steve says:

      I live in the same area and looking for the same dream to come true!! Anyone out there??

  11. Joey says:

    Any lactating women in NYC?

  12. Ava May says:

    Hi Im from Ontario, Canada. I am a lactating beauty who loves to enjoy the company of nice men who appreciate this unique gift I offer !

    1. John says:

      Hi, im from boston, USA. and traveling to Ontario. Very interested in the beautiful gift you offer. Is there any other way to contact you, maybe exchange pics.

    2. Just wanted you to know if you needed a little help finding a supportive Man Im him!! Love milk and cookies. Not very experienced on new technology. So heres some old school; 765 585 3135..I will give you a hand up-not a hand out.give me a jingle when your full. I will suckle all the pressure away. No mess,not a drop wasted,nor spilled.My word on that,Gary . Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

  13. Josh says:

    Looking for a preggo or lactating gal in Houston, TX.

    832-427-7351 anytime. :). Thx

  14. spirind says:

    Hi! Are there any lactating women in New Jersey or in North Carolina, Charlotte area (i’ll be there soon on a business trip)?

    1. supafreq says:

      I’m in NC looking for a lactating companion….any available? Email me at

  15. John Jackson says:

    Any lactating or pregnant women near Bar Area, San Francisco – Nor Cal

  16. John says:

    looking for Lactating woman in San Francisco, Bay Area – Nor Cal. Any lactating escort???

  17. Dan Wilcox says:

    I am a well groomed and generous professional who is seeking a lactating friend who is clean and discrete. I am located in the Philadelphia metro market. Please connect at

  18. Nawaf says:

    Iwant lady lactaing plz add me skype whisper_87478

    Or yahoo

  19. Kendall says:

    Hello, my name is Kendall. I am an independent escort located in Scottsdale Az. Extremely clean, recently tested, beautiful, fit, great personality, and LACTATING! If you are interested please email me at

  20. David P says:

    Hello, 27 year old looking for a nice lactating woman in AZ to have a fun time. Please contact me if interested.

    1. Kendall says:

      Hello my name is Kendall. I am a lactating escort in the Phx area. If you were still interested you can email me at

  21. Milksucker says:

    Is there any lactating woman in Arlington, Virginia? Please contact at

  22. richard magana says:

    Hi looking for Lactating woman in san Francisco ca.

  23. Joe says:

    Hi. Is there any lactating lady in northern Virginia?

  24. randal says:

    Looking for a lactating lady in atlanta. appreciate leads. thanks

  25. Dan says:

    Seeking a lactating escort near St. Louis Area. Well mannered, and know how to treat a lady!

  26. Chubs says:

    Any lactating ladies in the albq, NM area. There is nothing sexier.

  27. mortimer says:

    Hello !

    Looking for lactating woman in Germany or Sweden/Norway
    Please get in touch

    1. Mortimer says:

      What about in Paris, France ? Please contact me

  28. Hi, please any lactating or pregnant women in northern Fl,

  29. macamee7 says:

    Hi! Are there any lactating women in the Boston area or in New England?

  30. Dave says:

    Any escorts in the Los Angeles/ Orange County area? Please message me.

  31. fly safe says:

    Looking for any lactation providers in Seattle… Anyone?

    1. est says:


  32. Kevin says:

    Hey, looking to meet a lactating lady in south east michigan

  33. Scott says:

    Going to be in Long Beach, CA the end of May. Looking for lactating women in the area. Abel to host or meet.

  34. Scott says:

    Looking for lactating women in AZ who are clean and drug free. Willing to met and pay. I am in Phoenix, but willing to come to you.

  35. micky424 says:

    Hi everyone if any lactation and pregnant escort in London UK i will pay you nice for your services contact me on skype or yahoo

  36. siddiqui says:

    Hi everyone Any Lactation and pregnant escort in London UK if any please contact me i will pay good price and spending all expenses of hotel and travel or if any buddy know lactation and pregnant escort reply me

  37. lefty says:

    any lactating woman in athens pls??if yes contact me in

    1. siddiqui says:

      Any Lactation and pregnant escort in London UK if any please contact me i will pay good price and spending all expenses of hotel and travel or if any buddy know lactation and pregnant escort reply me

      age not destruction

  38. Red says:


    I’m in Tucson, and have been dreaming of breastfeeding for so long. Are there any milky women in Tucson? I would love to hear from you
    Thanks :)

    1. Scott says:

      I have been looking anywhere in AZ. If you find someone let me know. Willing to drive and pay!

    2. Kendall says:

      Hello I am located in Phx if you ever travel here

  39. Jason says:

    HI there. 52 yo white male looking for nursing sessions in the Macomb or Oakland County, MI

  40. Jay says:

    I was wondering if there are any lactating women in NC near Winston Salem

  41. Harold says:

    I was wondering if there are any near or in Winston Salem,NC?

  42. Jim says:

    Looking for a lactating Sugar Baby. Winter Park area.

    Oh, and I can highly recommend Jacqui of Orlando, she is truly one of a kind and an amazing person. You will not leave disappointed.

  43. jean says:

    Hi! I’m from NJ. 19 average build. 5’2 135lbs. 36 DD heavily lactating. If interested email me. Ladybell18x@yahoocom

    1. rich says:

      I would like to meet for lactation

      1. jean says:

        Okay. Just send me an email and ill schedule you in. :)

        1. siddiqui says:

          hi i would like meet wit you and taste your milk i will pay you best price for your lactation siddiqui422 skype id

          1. siddiqui says:

   is my id add me on yahoo or skype would you like to siddiqui422 is my skype id

    2. Al says:

      Hi I’m interested in meeting u:)

    3. nipple bandit says:

      I’m interested, is there a way to contact you privately?

      1. jean says:

        Lactating escort in nj
        Cintact by email
        856 535 6071

    4. Jason says:

      You make New Jersey sound like a wonderful state to visit:)

  44. steve says:

    Looking for a lactating woman in north western NC

    1. Kinsey Shea says:

      Hey Steve, My name is Kinsey, and I am 8 months pregnant, and soon to give birth and start breastfeeding. I am an independent, well established escort in the Asheville Area, and if you would like to see me before I give birth, they say pregnant women are the best, I don’t know if that’s true for all women, but certainly with me. No stretch marks and as beautiful as ever. I will see you regularly after the baby is born if you’d like. Please email me and we will definitely be in touch if you’re interested! Look me up!
      Kinsey Shea

      1. Marty says:

        Would love to see you will be Asheville end of March

        R u available .


      2. rich says:

        Hey babe can u call me

      3. micky says:

        Sexy Lactating escort and you are really interested add me on skype
        siddiqui422 is my skype id keep in touch talk there and plese send me how much you charge

      4. jeremy says:

        do you come to charlotte? if so, please share photo. always interested. see ya!

      5. Nawaf says:

        Hi plz add me skpe whisper_87478 iwant see lactation

      6. marty says:

        I am in Atlanta, visiting your area in Sept Are you available


  45. Russell Allan says:

    Hey, would love to find a lactating escort in Northern Ca near Sac or BA

    1. sabrina says:

      hi im a lactating escort rite by sac email me at

    2. sabrina says:

      osoniab23 at yahoo. com

  46. Kevin says:

    Looking to meet a lactating lady in the metro Detroit area. Will provide assistance

  47. David says:

    I live in Fort Lauderdale and have been dreaming of breastfeeding for years. I would love to meet someone in southeast Florida who could accommodate me.
    I’m willing to offer whatever compensation is necessary.

    1. I am available! I am in Orlando, but it isn’t too far.

      1. Harry holsier says:

        I would like to meet you as this is a fantasy of mine but am concerned about std on particular hiv risk with lactating. Do you get tested regularly?

      2. Vinny says:

        Are you still lactating? I’m close to o town..

    2. Kari says:

      Hi, I am 6 months pregnant and starting to lactate.. Who wants to suckle and help my milk come in? Upscale professional gentlemen only.. email me at I am willing to travel once chemistry is established, I live in Clearwater Fl. Sexy latina, no stretch marks, full sensitive breasts.

      1. vic says:

        hi can I help I live in new port richey

        1. Ron says:

          Hi Vic I’m interested my email is please contact me I’m not too far from you

  48. David says:

    Looking for lactating women in North Carolina, will help with expences

  49. mario says:

    Beautiful Lactating Escorts in Detroit area ..please contact me.

  50. mario says:

    Looking for milky escoty in Metro Detroit area.

  51. brian says:

    Looking for a milkmaid in Colorado. Will compensate nicely for your time.

  52. Dan says:

    Looking for a lactating lady in the Chicago area.
    I’m a decent guy looking for a nursing opportunity.

  53. pitonboy says:

    I’m looking for a lactating friend in Sacramento, SF Bay area, or L.A. Can anyone help?

    1. sabrina says:

      Hi im near sac and a lactating escort please email me at

      1. George says:

        I live near fresno. Adult baby at heart need to be nursed. Anyone interest please contact me

  54. AG says:

    Hello, I am looking for lactating ladies who would like to share milk with a normal guy, nothing weird. Looking in the NY/CT/NJ area. Willing to pay.

    1. jean says:

      Hey I’m in NJ if love to help you out.

  55. scott says:

    Looking for wet nurse in phoenix or anywhere in AZ, willing to pay.

  56. I am man interested in finding a lactating woman in Sacramento Ca. area :-)

    1. sabrina says:

      hi I just came across ur post and I’m rite outside Sacramento area if ur still interested in lactating women ;_-) tjanx Sabrina

  57. Jason says:

    I’m still looking in Michigan :( , (Macomb/Oakland county area) If you’re lactating and are okay with a guy nursing from you, and then suckling even after you breasts are emptied. Please email me. I’m not looking for sex, Just suckling your milky breasts.

  58. Jenna says:

    I’m a lactating (but not pregnant) lady, willing to share my milk with men for the right price. Norfolk – UK. please email me

    1. Ruben says:

      Hi Jenna

      Are you still lactating? I’d like to explore that more with a view to meet up if it works out. Thanks.


    2. johnny says:

      i give $300 for one boob of milk
      but i am in new zealand

      do you know anyone

    3. siddiqui says:

      hi how are you i am in london and i would like meet with you and taste your milk i will pay you best price for your lactation siddiqui422 skype id

  59. I'm a sport says:

    Hello all, AWESOME blog! Well finding that special lady willing to share her milk supply close by is kind of like a experiencing a Big Foot sighting. You here about incidents, but the experience just isn’t happening at all. I’ve been dealing with this fantasy for years with little no luck.

    I’m still hopeful and await the experience to develop, so for all you lactolushes ladies in the 90815 or there about and are committed to a mutually exclusive act I’m more than happy to suckle. Serious women Reply to the post I’ll be contact with your milky breasts ASAP.

    1. Imasport says:

      It’s been a year and still no reply from a provider for a connection. Lets help each other out, I’m still hopeful. I’m a super cool & fun mature gentleman over forty completely respectful and discreet.

  60. BigboySnuggles says:

    Any ladys within traveling distance of South Yorkshire?
    email craigx30x@

  61. Smith says:

    Any lactating or preggos in Louisiana?

  62. Ratchet64 says:

    I am in upstate SC and looking for you if you are lactating

  63. Michael says:

    I’m in Phoenix Az area love to meet you if your lactating.

  64. Michael says:

    Hi I’m very interested in meeting a lactating lady in the Phoenix Az area.


  65. milklover50 says:

    Is there a woman in the greater tri-state area that would like to share her milk?

    1. jean says:

      Im in NJ

  66. dan says:

    Any lactating escorts in or around St.Louis or within say 100 miles?
    Carver5500 at yahoo is direct email.

  67. rick says:

    Any ladies in SoCal, LA or OC area lactating?

  68. mannydean says:

    Looking for Lactating Lady in South Florida USA

  69. Jesse says:

    Any ladies in Raleigh or NC lactating?

  70. Stan says:

    Looking for lactating women In LA or southernCA

  71. stuart says:

    Hi, any lactating ladies in Suffolk/Essex UK ?

    1. Emma says:

      Email me I’m In Rochester Kent not far from you I’m 26 blonde size 12 and big firm milky boobs

  72. Devin says:

    I would love to find a lactating woman somewhere in western Pennsylvania

    1. jean says:

      I’m in south Jersey. Short average build 36 DD lactating.

      1. Kala says:

        Hello Jean. I am going to be in New York at the end of march for a week. my email is contact me.

  73. Ali Lynn says:

    Any lactating women in Phoenix, Scottsdale, or Arizona to friend a couple?

  74. Manny Dean says:

    Hi Kala, Interested in talking with you. Please reply.

  75. Martin says:

    Hey i am looking for a lactating women around west palm beach, fort Lauderdale area.
    I am moving to Florida in mid June.

    1. I am heavily lactating with lusciously large nipples. Located in Orlando area. You can reach me at

      1. vic says:

        I would love to meet you

  76. Fred T says:

    Any lactating ladies in the St Louis area?

  77. jadon blake says:

    Hi aleah contact me by email mrman976@gmail

  78. MrMcVitie says:

    I am a British guy living in India at present and miss my milk, is there a woman in India with some to spare if so please let me know. I am prepared to pay for it as long as it is warm and fresh and I can take it straight from your nipple.

  79. kala says:

    Send me a way to contact you

    1. jason says:

      wjason2010 at yahoo dot com

    2. Mark says:

      Hi Kala, Where are you located?

        1. chip says:

          Hey kala… would love to see you in miami. I’m at chutless at yahoo dot com. how do I get in touch with you? thanks.

          1. Eddy says:

            Hi Kala….im in miami…how do we get a hold of you? my email is linguscunning2000 at yahoo dot com

        2. Eddy says:

          Hi Kala….im in miami…how do I get a hold of you? my email is linguscunning2000 at yahoo dot com

          1. Manny Dean says:

            Hi Kala, I am in south florida. want to get togethe

    3. johnny says:

      searching for a girl who is lactation in new zealand mob 0223624289

  80. jason says:

    I’m still looking in Michigan :(, If you’re lactating and are okay with a guy feeding from you, and then suckling even after you breasts are emptied. Please email me. I’m not looking for sex, Just suckling your milky breasts & draining them for you.

    1. BRI says:


    2. jason says:

      if your interested in sharing your milky breasts with this Michigan man.
      Please contact me at wjason2010 at yahoo dot com

  81. brian says:

    Any lactating escorts in Colorado. Hit me up!

  82. Jason says:

    I would love to find a lactating breast in Hawaii. Hit me back.

  83. Jason says:

    I’d love to find a lactating lady here in Michigan

  84. David says:

    I live in Gilbert AZ I’ve had the lowest luck ever. Most escorts are beautiful women in California, but with my schedule I wouldn’t be able to make the drive there. Anyone in AZ at least?

  85. blythe says:

    Im in my third trimester full of colostrom very heavy not drips even more once baby comes, very turned on by being suckled. Im in NC area if interested and rates are not ridiculous since I get something out of it too.

    1. Gameday says:

      Very interested blythe

    2. david says:

      love to come see and taste please send contact info

    3. Don says:

      I’m very interested Blythe and I’m in NC. Please contact me.

    4. decadent says:


      Yes, I am headed to NC, to spend a few weeks.

      I would love to know more!

      Please do e-mail me.



    5. Ralph says:

      Hi Blythe
      I live in the New Bern area of NC.
      Are you close to New Bern?
      I would love to enjoy your gift.

    6. Jake says:

      Hey there. Are you lactating yet? What town are you in

    7. Mike says:

      Im in the Fayetteville area if your offer still stands….

      1. Justin says:

        Hey I live in Asheville, would love to experience your gift.

    8. Justin says:

      I’m in Asheville. I’m very interested if you’re offer is still good.

    9. Chris says:

      Hi Blythe I m here in mooresville area, would love to hear from you about possible meeting.

    10. mrmedula says:

      Hi Blythe
      Please look me up. I would love to help with a few feedings while I’m in NC.

    11. John says:

      Hi Blythe
      I would like to have a few feedings, maybe something regular even.
      Hit me up if you’re still full and looking for sucklers

    12. Mike says:


      Im in Raleigh. Would love the opportunity, if you’re still available.

    13. vr says:

      i am interested if u are still lactating, hit me up i am in charlotte area. my email is sd201306 at yahoo

    14. Daren says:

      Hey Blythe. I’m very interested in coming to see you if you are available. I’m in NC. Please send your contact information when you get a chance. Thank you.

    15. jeremy says:

      i am in charlotte and interested if still milky. see ya

  86. Isaiah Nicholson Sapurboa says:

    I thought about my stash of breastmilk in the freezer and took a container out, preparing a second bottle for him.

    1. BIGB says:


  87. Dave says:

    I am in Seattle and would love to find a fully lactating woman will travel! Let me know.

    1. I am here…in Orlando. :0)


  88. I am heavily lactating and also pregnant. No baby bump for another 10-12 weeks though. I am in the central Florida area. Have a great weekend!

    1. BIGB says:

      wow ..i wish i were closer,id love to suck on them!!

    2. kala says:

      Hi Jaqui, where in Central FL are you, are you sharing your milk?

      1. BIGB says:

        Hi there,
        Yes its hard trying to find a milky escort,i’ve heard of 2 in the uk…not a bit precenage is it.
        One nr Manchester and one down Midlands area.

        So keep on searching folks… Big B

      2. I am in Celebration. =o)

        1. BIGB says:


          1. kimberley says:

            hi, i’m currently producing quite a lot of milk and live in the uk in devon

          2. Aadi says:

            Hi Kimberley, I am not far from Devon and would love to be in touch and take it from there. Please drop me a line on adva_0900 at ya hoo dot com

          3. AP says:

            Hi Kimberley, I’d love to get in touch. I am in the UK as well. Hope to hear from you soon. adva_0900 at ya hoo dot com

          4. Tom says:

            Hi Kimberley, I’d love to get in touch. I am in the UK as well. dwestod at gmail dot com, Hope to hear from you soon.

    3. cameron says:

      if i can, can i see you ? write me back bye cameron,

  89. BIGB says:

    ive been trying to find a milky escort but as yet no luck,,lick,,,

  90. kala says:

    yes, is hard to find a lactating escort. I live in Miami and it is hard to find but not impossible and is right that the prices go up. The bad thing is that most of the girls i found said that they are lactating but what it comes out is just very few drops.

    1. aleah says:

      Just started weening from breastfeeding a week ago when I friend recommended I look into adult bf. Live in the south florida area. Interested in accomodating gentlemen with slow sensual sessions for reasonable compensation.

      1. Kala says:

        Hello Aleah, I’m interested in your sessions, please write me to my email kalato123 yah oo com

      2. Steve says:

        I would Love to have a slow sensual session. Live in South Florida. contact me sachinmarch99 AT gmail dot com

      3. KALA says:

        Hello Aleah, i Haven’t hear from you, please write me

      4. jadon blake says:

        Very interested

      5. eddy says:

        Hi Aleah … im in miami…how do I get a hold of you? my email is linguscunning2000 at yahoo dot com

      6. David says:

        Please let me know if you’re still lactating

      7. David says:

        Hello Aleah
        Please let me know if you’re still lactating. I live in Fort Lauderdale.


      8. andrew says:

        Aleah, I’ll be in Maimi Monday night sep1.
        I’d like to meet up with you.
        Get back to me.

    2. Manny Dean says:

      Hi Kala, Am interested in taking with you. I live 15 minutes from Miami. We can get together. Please reply.

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