It’s Fetish Time

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Many men go to fetish escorts to experience something their partners may be unwilling to give them, or that they may not even know about that is an interest of their partners. One of the more common interests men have they hide from their partners is interest in anal stimulation. People think, oh yes, guys have an interest in anal sex. Well, yes they do. Many of these men wish to be on the receiving end though.

They have dreams and fantasies of being fucked with strap ons. Many if they even have a partner, know their women would never, ever go for such an activity. So what’s a guy to do that craves to be taken like a little sissy bitch…An escort could very well be the answer for them. Men are willing to pay for experiences they crave and are not getting in their lives. Many view sex as an entertainment, and you pay to go to a concert don’t you? You pay to go on a vacation, well then why wouldn’t you have to pay for the sexual experience you are seeking as well?

More men are submissive in the bedroom than you’d think. More people overall are submissive than dominant, by around 8 to 1, so men seeking to be dominated by women are plentiful. So men seeking escorts that are a bit more dominant are more common than ones seeking just run of the mill ones. So if you’re looking for domination you know you won’t be finding at home, try an escort. Blog

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