Escorts With Big Asses

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Do you have a thing for BIG asses? What about looking for a big ass escort? There are many women with big asses out there, and a lot of guys really like them, especially for fucking doggy style. They love to look at those big asses as they are going to town on them. An escort with a big ass is just what you have been looking for.

Sure, some women of color do have larger than average asses, but there are plenty of big assed white girls to choose from as well if you’re looking for an escort with this special set of attributes. Imagine the facesitting! Hope you can breathe!

And we know how much the black guys go for the big, white women. Well the escorts with big asses are particularly in demand with the black male clients. Blonde hair and a big ass and a curvey figure are what keep these men coming back for more again and again.

There are escorts of every variety out there, for men of every taste and description. Women with big asses are certainly escorts too. Not all escorts are shaped like Barbie dolls, men like some meat on the bones and a good something to grab onto. Not everyone want to fuck a bone wrack. It’s not as pleasing physically to do so at all. Plus sized escorts and big assed escorts in particular have a booming business.

Many of the clients have skinny girlfriends or wives, and they want to have fun with someone they can grab onto and roll around with, and a big assed escort is where they can find that on demand at any time. Blog

4 Comments to “Escorts With Big Asses”

  1. Hey i would love to c u let me know rhanks

  2. Darvin says:

    I canont tell a lie, that really helped.

  3. Incredibly well written writing!

  4. The article you wrote is very good.

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