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There was a man I was talking to recently and he’s interested in a job with a company, a very conservative company that only likes to hire “family men”. Problem is, he’s not married, no girlfriend in site, he’s not gay or anything, he just is very focused on his career and likes to travel when he can with his group of friends and he said he didn’t think he had a chance of getting in at this company because he’s not married, even though that has nothing to do with his job skills. I suggested he hire an escort for this weekend retreat the potential new employees are expected to go to next month.

The whole idea of not hiring someone because they aren’t married or a family man seems a bit absurd these days for sure, but there are still a few old time thinking holdouts out there. It’ s good job and he wants it, but he’s going to have to pretend to be married until he’s well established in the company, then he can make up some excuse that his wife is leaving him some reason. I was laughing at the absurdity of it all in today’s world, but he was wondering what on earth the answer might be. I said if he found just the right escort, and explained it to her, she’d be sure and see him again when it was warranted for company functions, parties, etc. Since he will need the same girl to make occasional appearances and none of his friends were really the type needed for such a situation.

I think for every situation out there, there is a solution, this one problem could be handled by having the same escort play a role to appease his boss from time to time. There’s a Christmas party, and a summer picnic and a dinner every few months, it’s more than doable to have an escort do this for him for a good long while, it’s literally just a handful of times a year. Crazy the things people have to do to get a job these days…. Blog

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