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Do you have a foot fetish? Is it still a secret from your wife or girlfriend because you know they wouldn’t approve of it or understand? Or maybe you don’t have a woman in your life at all. Most guys that visit escorts are alone and don’t have anyone in their lives, but of course there are some that do have relationships going on that use escorts as well.

There are escorts that specialize in foot fetish encounters. They well know that many men have a foot fetish. A foot fetish is in fact the most common fetish there is, this is a fact. If you would feel uncomfortable asking your girlfriend or wife to suck her toes, or sniff and lick her feet, or to play with her worn stockings or pantyhose she has walked around in all day, then a foot fetish escort is the answer for you.

Think we have an issue with you worshipping our stinky feet? Nope, not by a long shot! That’s what you are here for, to worship them. An escort that fully understands and embraces your perversions and totally gets what you are all about is the answer you have been loooking for.

How do regular escorts get into a specialized field like becoming fetish escorts? Well, usually it is as simple as getting a few regular clients that have that particular fetish. You start dealing with them more and more frequently, and pretty soon you feel you excel in that particular fetish.

A fetish escort can often command higher fees than a regular one, since they know the specialized treatment that clients seeking them out can ask for, crave and desire. So call up a fetish escort today! Blog

4 Comments to “Foot Fetish Escort”

  1. Dino says:

    I have a fetish for rubbing the sole of a woman’s foot up and down on anything hard and watching a woman shave her legs in a sink using a razor. Do you think there are any women out there who would be willing to fulfill those two wishes for me?

  2. tommy says:

    I have fetish for a woman with one shoe on one foot and an ace bandage or cast or splint on the other foot. Or a fetish for a woman just walking around with one shoe on and one shoe off. Do women really do this or am i just wishful thinking that i will find someone into my fetishes

  3. Jonathan Reed says:

    I am trying to find someone who understands my smell fetish. I adore smelling a woman’s feet. Do you know of anyone who would discuss this issue with me?

    1. sandy says:

      Hi Jonathan,

      What’s doing??
      What do you want to discuss about smell fetishes?


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